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Quad Cities

Quad Cities is a rapidly growing region in the MidWest and is famous for its manufacturing, residential, commercial, agricultural, and economic opportunities. Vast open lands, rivers, lakes, and rich natural resources in the area make the Quad Cities ideal for hunting. Quad Cities encampasses the border cities in both Illinois and Iowa and the hunters take advantage of hunting times in both states.

Hunting is also one of the sources for fresh meat for local hunters. People prefer harvesting their own meat and show case the trophies with pride. Appropriate licenses and tags are available for Quad Cities Hunting Club.

QC Hunters find many outfitters in the area with hunting facilities and abundant wildlife.


Quad Cities Hunting

Hunting is a popular sport and annual family tradition for QC hunters. Whitetail deer, big bucks, dove, pheasant, turkey, and so on are widely hunted in the Quad Cities.


QC Hunting Club has several resources for the hunters in the Quad Cities. Several press releases and notifications are issued for general public to inform any seasonal decisions and hunting times. Specific outfitters may post additional rules depending on the hunting season.

Local hunting gear providers such as the Bass Pro, Blains Farm and Fleet, and so on issue seasonal guidelines and checklists. Quadcities Craigslist is one of the popular resource for exchanging hunting gear and supplies. QC Hunters also communicate via Facebook pages and other networks for the latest news for the season.

Many outfitters issue over the counter tags but most permits are applied and procured ahead of the hunting season.

City Rules

Individual cities in the Quad Cities Hunting Club area decide their hunting strategies for the year. Annual hunting season is from September 1st to March 31st every year. Specific permits are issued depending on the peak rut season.

Moline allows deer hunting to reduce the costs associated with deer accidents and over population in urban areas. Iowa sometimes decides to issue limited deer tags based on the lottery or as a first-come first-serve basis. If there is wide spread disease in deers during a season, the tags issued may also be limited.

Quad Cities Buck Hunting

Trophy hunters target big bucks and avoid antler less deers. Seasoned hunters scout the hunting zones and observe the buck patterns for that season. Planning the stands ahead and packing helps in a successful hunt season in the QC Hunting Club.

Quad Cities Hunting Rut

Cities allow scouting only in specific dates and hunters must check the dates and times. To facilitate fair chase, certain sophisticated equipment may be banned at the outfitter in a given season.

Muscatine invites bow hunters to attend a training session prior to the hunting season. Bow hunters are required to pass a shooting proficiency test in order to get the license. Rifle hunting may or may not be the same times as the bow hunting. Hunting times may overlap for buck hunters and migratory bird hunters. The hunting zones are marked and hunters are advised to stay in their area.

Quad Cities Pheasant Hunting

Some outfitters in the Bettendorf partner with local land owners for improving the land for harvesting whitetails and growing timbers. Private properties may combine their lands to reach the minimum two acre requirement in some cases. QC Hunting Club is also popular as the outfitters are within short driving distances and the area has greater chances of finding a monster buck.